The Chocolat Bar Owners - Boise, Idaho Before opening The Chocolat Bar in 2004, Chris Preston and Kristi Echols-Preston made their living in the corporate environment. Kristi spent 19 years as a field biologist with 10 years as a conservation biologist for The Nature Conservancy. She later attended the Culinary Institute of America honing her skills in chocolate making. After 23 years in the banking industry, Chris managed special projects for a jewelry manufacturer for 14 years. Looking for a way to combine their extensive business experience, their passion for cooking, and appreciation of good quality food, they found chocolate to be the perfect medium in which to put their combined knowledge and creativity to use.

The Chocolat Bar's philosophy is to use the highest quality, local and or organic ingredients and let the subtleties of the chocolate shine through. At The Chocolat Bar you'll find the use of exotic and creative combinations of flavor that will surprise the palette. "Chocolate is a very sensual food and it brings smiles to people's faces! That is one of the many things that we love about making chocolate, it makes people happy!"

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